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Black Friday is a ritual for many people. If you’ve never participated in it, be prepared. It’s not like strolling into the store on any other day. According to Bloomberg, in 2014, over $50 billion dollars were spent in stores and over 133 million people went shopping on this single day.
Every year, millions of Americans fret over the ways in which they're going to have to deal with their tax obligations as they get everything in order and fill out all the necessary documents. But in the rush to get everything done, many may also overlook potentially valuable deductions for which they are eligible but do not actually claim, and that can cost them as much as thousands of dollars per year.
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Tips for making tax deductible charitable contributions in 2011.
Do you remember moth balls? That was one thing I dreaded when mom used to call out to us kids to say it was time to get the winter clothes out of the basement.  Yuck, that smell.The other thing I disliked even more was to look at my old clothes. The styles had changed, my body had changed.
It’s fascinating how mothers juggle it all! Not only does she have time to be superwoman, but she is super talented. She can ask a million questions per minute, and she still does her own taxes…by hand.
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I can’t believe that it’s time for Halloween again! I’m reminded every time I step into a retail store, get on my Facebook page, or drive by yards filled with carved pumpkins.
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