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Wedding season is upon us! If you’re in the throes of planning your big day, with all of the other details and expenses to work through, tax return preparation is probably the last thing on your...
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Many Americans are fully aware that getting married will have a profound impact on their lives in a large number of ways, but one which they might not always consider is that it typically reduces a person's tax liabilities significantly. 

A lot goes into planning a wedding. The stress a bride faces comes from a variety of sources: what dress color will please all of the bridesmaids, which photographer is the perfect fit, where will Cousin Eddy sit, which store is the best for the registry, and so on.
In case you missed the latest tax news, changes are ahead for same-sex marriages in the U.S. and abroad. Starting September 16th, the IRS and Department of Treasury will treat same-sex legally married couples as married for federal tax purposes.
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When you sign on to be a celebrity you expect to have your life broadcast around the world.  Fill in the blank celebrity "is in court" or "in jail" or "caught cheating" blasts across the internet...