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It’s the final countdown to Tax Day, but don’t panic. We have everything you need to help you meet the April 15 tax filing deadline.


The IRS has $1 billion in tax refunds waiting for one million taxpayers who failed to file a federal income tax return for 2011 – and they’re pretty decent amounts. The IRS estimates that half of the refunds are for more than $698.
At this time of year, filing tax returns ranks right up there with public speaking as among the scariest things we have to do in life. That’s why many of us put off tax preparation until the last minute.

The holiday decorations are boxed up and the New Year’s confetti has been swept away. Now your mind is swirling with tax questions about for 2014. Here are quick answers to the five top questions you may have about your taxes.

With 9,000 pages, over 4 million words, and an average of one change per day, the tax code is one complex document to decipher. It’s no wonder over 84 million taxpayers will opt to use a paid tax preparer this tax season.
Remember back on April 15, when you asked the IRS for that six-month extension to file your tax return? Well, the IRS tax filing deadline for 2014 is almost here. You must file your 2013 tax return by October 15. If you haven’t already filed, now is a good time to start pulling together the paperwork you will need.
No, that’s not the latest lottery jackpot. Over 12 million taxpayers filed for an extension this year (according to the IRS).