April 17th is near! April 17th doesn’t nearly strike as much fear into most as April 15th, but this year you get two extra days to file your returns as the 15th is a Sunday.

Those extra 48 hours aren’t enough for you? Here are a few options and other last minute tax options:

Don't miss the tax filing deadline!You can file an extension for your return: 

For individuals, the deadline to file your 2011 return is April 17. You can extend the filing due date for six months by filing form 4868 on or before April 17. As a reminder, this is an extension to file, not an extension to pay the tax, so you will still have to pay whatever income taxes you owe for 2011 by April 17.

You can lower your taxes owed by making an IRA contribution: 

You have until April 17 to make IRA contributions for 2011. If you contribute in 2012 for 2011, make sure to designate (and make sure you banker understands) that the contribution is for 2011. It might be smart to convert some of your IRA to a ROTH. Liberty Tax® can help you with that decision.

You can also contribute to a Health Savings Account 

For 2011, the individual contribution amount for an HSA was $3,050 and the family contribution is $6,150. Also, for 55 and over and not enrolled in Medicare there is a $1,000 catch-up contribution.

Don’t forget to check your list! 

We have prepared the Super Duper Tax Filing Checklist for you. So, make sure that if you are waiting until the 17th to come in that you have these documents otherwise we will be filling an extension!

David Rocci 


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