Just because a person is under age 18, it doesn't mean that they won't have certain tax obligations at filing time.

For example, current IRS rules state that a dependent must file a tax return if they have a part-time job or some other source of earned income that results in earnings of at least $5,700. If that individual is blind, different limits apply.

For unearned income, which includes things like interest and dividends, a person must file a return if they are under 65, not blind, and made at least $950.

People who have both earned and unearned income in any given tax year but are not sure if they need to file a return can consult the IRS Web site for a work sheet that will help them determine whether they need to do so.

A separate IRS rule states that a child can earn up to $1,900 in investment income (as of 2009) without having it taxed at the parent's rate. For parents and children who require more information about such matters, consulting with a skilled tax preparer is a good place to start.

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