shoppingFor many, it’s not too late to spend that Flexible Spending Account. Some employers have an extension of two and a half months in their deadline, allowing many of us the chance to spend the remainder before we lose it. Great! Now – what can I buy that doesn’t require a prescription?  

Personally, with two small boys, I can’t keep a big enough stock pile of SPF lip balm and bandages in my purse. So I am always buying these. Some of you, though, may have quite a large stock pile of bandages and lip balm. Perhaps a room your family lovingly refers to as “the pharmacy.” In that case, here are a few things you might not have in that stock pile. They qualify under your FSA without a prescription and they’re actually pretty useful: 

  •         A lighted magnifier (too many hours at the computer screen) 
  •         A home defibrillator (I needed this when my 4-year-old played tackle football) 
  •         Heat Packs (great to keep in the car) 
  •         Cooling Sheets (again, great to keep in the car) 
  •         Steam Inhaler (be ready for this cold and flu season) 
  •         Gel Insoles (for those new boots that are “killer” - literally) 
  •         Blister Treatment (see above) 
  •         Heel Sleeves with Healing Oils (still on the feet) 
  •         Pain Relief Eye Mask (for those in-laws migraines) 
  •         Pregnancy Tests (to appease those in-laws) 

Double check your stock pile for ample bandages and sunscreen. A spare pair of reading glasses wouldn’t hurt either. Some of the high-end items may seem useless to buy (like steam inhalers) but when you are aching and in need of them, they suddenly become priceless.