presidents dayIf you are one of many workers who has President’s Day off, you could catch the deals and sales or even relax. You may think of it as just another day, but there’s a reason why you’ll be enjoying a wonderful 3-day weekend.

Often known as the day that we celebrate George Washington’s birthday, President’s Day is a time to reflect on all of our past leaders. Some of our most well-known presidents can be found sitting high on Mount Rushmore and on the face of the currency that we use every day.

One president, however, steals the show. Our 18th President was a soldier, an instrumental figure during his time, and is adored by Liberty Tax® fans everywhere.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember some of Ulysses Grant’s greatest, and more interesting, accomplishments. Who knew that one man could do so much good in the world?!

  • For starters, Grant was the fourth youngest President. 
  • He was a four-star general that had much success in commanding the army in the Civil War.
  • He worked to pass the 15th Amendment and help the nation during the Reconstruction period.
  • He avoided scandal by removing a Cabinet member who approved an unauthorized $60,000 tax refund.
  • Most importantly, his face is now seen on the U.S. $50 bill and he continues to make an impact on Liberty Tax® customers everywhere who get a “Grant” just from getting their taxes done.  

Is your last name Harding, Taylor, Harrison, Jefferson, Washington, or maybe even Grant? If your surname is that of a former president, visit a Liberty Tax® near you on President’s Day and receive free tax preparation! See if your surname makes the list on Geni’s website.

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