Mother's DayIt’s fascinating how mothers juggle it all! Not only does she have time to be superwoman, but she is super talented. She can ask a million questions per minute, and she still does her own taxes…by hand. This is the woman that made you believe that you could grow a watermelon in your belly from eating the seeds or get arthritis from popping your knuckles.   

Show your mom how much you love and appreciate her by getting her the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. It’s always difficult to think of the perfect gift because Mom has everything, right?  

Wrong! Skip the gift cards and dinners this year, and get Mom something a little more interesting. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.  

  • Be kids for the day! Take your mom to the movies, arcade, or camping outdoors.  
  • Make a donation to a charity in her name. It’s great for Mom and even better for you. Charitable donations are tax deductible and can lower your tax liability. Read Tax Mommy’s blog on charitable donations for more information. 
  • Move Mom from her flip phone into the 21st century with one of the latest tablets or smartphones.  
  • Write your mom a short, hand-written note from the heart, and package it with a re-creation of your favorite childhood recipe. 
  • Help Mom go green! Purchase something solar powered for the house, like a solar water heater. Certain energy efficient products qualify for a tax credit. Check out the ENERGY STAR website for details.   

Giving from the heart will make your mom feel special on her day. There are plenty of gift options, but whatever you choose, I’m sure your mom will love it.  

From all of us here at Liberty Tax®, we wish moms everywhere a wonderful Mother’s Day!