We hope you are safe and sound following Hurricane Irene's trip along the East Coast. We are assuming since you are reading this blog that you have at least saved your laptop and found a WIFI hotspot.

As you look to reestablish yourself, we wanted to give you the top four things to make sure you do when looking to recover from this event.

  • 1. Documentation-you must document everything. You will need to document for insurance purposes, but also for tax purposes. Some repairs maybe tax deductable and you will want to keep records to prove what you spent. It is better to start slow and have a plan on how you will record rather than to try and make it up later.
  • 2. If you are underinsured you may be able to deduct your expenses for repairs that insurance didn't cover. This is another reason why step one is so important. Please give us a call and we will be able to walk you through this process.
  • 3. Any time a disaster hits an area, it is time for some unethical people to make a dime. Please be careful of people canvassing the area looking for work. Don't allow a contractor into your house unless you had an appointment with them or if you have been able to verify their identity and their track record.
  • 4. Check to see if you disaster assistance is available Residents and business owners who sustained losses in the designated areas can begin applying for assistance by registering online at http://www.disasterassistance.gov/ or by calling 800-621-FEMA.

We hope that you are safe and would welcome a call to schedule some time to talk over your situation and to make sure you are prepared heading into the rest of the year.

David Rocci

Disclaimer: Every effort has been taken to provide the most accurate and honest analysis of the tax information provided in this blog. Please use your discretion before making any decisions based on the information provided. This blog is not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional tax advice based on your individual needs.