More consumers rely on their smartphones applications to make key financial transactions, save money and find products more conveniently. In recognition of this trend, a new app has been created to help taxpayers check the status of their tax refunds via their smartphones.

The new IRS2go app allows individuals with iPhones or Androids to safely determine if their tax refund has been processed or when it is expected to be sent out. The application, which is encrypted for safety and privacy purposes, prompts individuals to input their Social Security number, their filing status and their anticipated refund amount for the 2010 filing season.

Taxpayers who submitted their returns electronically will generally receive their refunds more quickly than those who mailed in their returns.

The app is one of the latest new updates to the filing process. The government, in an effort to encourage more consumers to e-file their returns and receive their refunds via direct deposit, will allow taxpayers to receive their tax refund across multiple accounts. Consumers who want to have their refund split up and deposited in up to three separate accounts will need to fill out and include Form 8888 with their returns this year.

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