If you’re still waiting for your tax refund or you need to stay within a tight budget, Valentine’s Day can be daunting. Paying for flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant can add up to a lot of money real fast. So whether you’ve been married for a long time or are just getting to know your significant other, we have fun and inexpensive, but still romantic, Valentine’s Day ideas for every type of couple.


Watch Romantic Movies

Snuggle up on the couch, pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and enjoy a quiet movie night at home. You can rent movies at your local Redbox for $1, or watch your favorite movies through various online streaming channels. There are definitely some great romantic comedies on Netflix. Don’t have an account? Don’t worry. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial.


Have Game Night

Playing games together is a fun way to laugh and bond with each other. You can play a card game or your favorite childhood board games like Candy Land, Battleship, and Monopoly. Or you can even hit up an arcade and use your tickets to buy each other a funny gift or a stuffed animal. Friendly competition isn’t expensive and can give each of you a chance to show off in front of the other.


Take a Walk to a Special Spot

If the weather is nice on Valentine’s Day where you live, take a romantic walk through a park, along the beach, or to a special spot where you two have shared an unforgettable experience together. While you’re walking, share funny childhood stories or talk about the places you want to visit together someday. Getting out in the fresh air, holding hands, and just talking to each other is very refreshing and therapeutic. It’s also completely free!


Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

Look up and try out a delicious new recipe as you cook a romantic dinner together. If you want to learn something completely new and different, take a YouTube cooking class, which, as opposed to an actual cooking class, saves you a lot of money and can be done right in your own kitchen. Or watch one of the thousands of online video recipe tutorials that give simple instructions and show how to easily make a flavorful dinner for two.



Of course, receiving a large bouquet of expensive roses, especially delivered to the workplace, can be a thrill. But if you can’t afford the inflated prices that florists charge leading up to Valentine’s Day, there is a less expensive, yet still thoughtful, option. Buy one single rose, and either give it by itself (many people feel a single rose can be as romantic as or even more so than a full dozen), or put it in a bouquet of flowers you picked yourself. Just be sure to pick the flowers where it’s legally allowed and not in your neighbor’s yard.



If you still really want to have a nice night out on the town, get special Valentine’s Day deals on Groupon. A lot of local restaurants have discounts on dinner, there are deals on fun things to see and do, and even inexpensive getaways are available. So whether you’re an active couple who enjoys rock climbing or ice skating or a creative couple who likes paint nights or pottery-making classes, Groupon and other online deal sites have something for everyone.


You don’t have to break the bank for fun and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. But if you can’t wait for your tax refund and still want to spend some bucks on your significant other, there are financial options available from tax preparation services to help you out. Either way, though, the old adage is true — it’s the thought that counts. You can’t go wrong if your gift is from the heart.


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