We got that out of the way. Here’s the deal my friends. The tax filing and payment deadline runs out on October 15th! That is coming up quick!

If you have filed an extension, we urge you to come on in and we will double-check tax returns for frequently overlooked tax benefits and file your returns for you.  This could save you a ton of money! We offer a complimentary review so stop on in to your nearest Liberty Tax®.

Many of the more than 11 million taxpayers who requested an automatic six month extension this year have yet to file. Hopefully, you were able to use your tax extension wisely!

Though October 15th is the last day for most people you may qualify for a special exemption if you are a member of the military and serving in a combat zone, or living in an area affected by Hurricane Isaac such as Louisiana and Mississippi.  Who said the IRS didn't have a heart?  That's pretty nice of them don't you think?

Seriously, if you did file an extension, we don't want you to miss this deadline.  Allow us to help you get that return in on time!  

Did you file an extension this year?  Why did you file an extension? 

 We look forward to helping you at Liberty Tax®! Let’s get your return filed before it is too late!

David Rocci 


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