govtemployeeIn order to avoid further delays during the 2012 tax season, the Internal Revenue Service plans to begin its furloughs after the April 15th filing deadline. Officials have said the furloughs would be necessary to adjust for the sequestration, which started Friday and continues through September. The IRS will require five to seven days of unpaid leave for many of its employees. 

Although a formal notice of furlough has not been seen, talks have already taken place between the IRS and the National Treasury Employees Union regarding these spending cuts. And the furloughs are expected to begin sometime this summer.  

Some are concerned that these cuts and furloughs will leave taxpayers frustrated because they can’t get answers when calling the IRS and taxpayer assistance centers. Others are saying these furloughs could mean fewer audits will be performed by the IRS.  

Many government employees (such as the FBI, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Education) will experience furloughs, but they won’t get blindsided by being sent home – in most cases, the agencies must give workers at least 30 days advance notice before requiring them to take unpaid leave. 

The day we should all be watching is March 27th. That is when the budget that funds the federal government expires. The federal government will shut down – unless Congress can agree to extend the funding. Not sure how they will come to an agreement when they planned for their two-week Easter vacation to begin on March 21st. 

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