This filing season, the IRS is taking steps to ensure that everyone who qualifies for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is able to benefit from it.

The EITC has been widely credited with helping working families keep more of their income, and has been especially useful to many of them in light of recent economic conditions that have forced millions of people to struggle just to make ends meet.

With that in mind, a recent report in the Buffalo News told the story of one local man whose family ended up with an extra $1,500 in their tax return after they learned that they qualified for the EITC. The man told the newspaper that he "didn't realize that the average working adult could qualify for it."

The newspaper also noted that the IRS is working with different nonprofit and consumer groups this year to make sure that eligible workers know that they are able to benefit from the program, which is also said to boost the economy by allowing people to spend more in their respective home towns.

With these things in mind, people who are unsure if they are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit should consult with their tax preparer and can also find more information on the IRS Web site.

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