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Millions of people across the country are still likely scrambling to get their taxes completed on time and without errors ahead of that infamous April 15 deadline. However, in hurrying to get the job done, they might overlook a number of valuable deductions which could otherwise serve to limit their...
Posted On: 4/3/2014
One of the biggest issues many consumers across the country may end up running into year after year when filing season rolls around is finding all the deductions that can serve to significantly limit liability and even result in a sizable refund in many cases.
Posted On: 4/3/2014
Many Americans may have a little bit of stress about their tax filings every year, no matter how long they've been doing it. But for first-time filers, particularly those who are trying to get their documents in order even as they juggle going to college, this can be a particularly tricky situation....
Posted On: 4/2/2014
In general, the reason tax filing season is such a big source of stress for many people across the country, is that they want to get everything on their filing documents exactly right so as to avoid triggering an audit from the Internal Revenue Service while maximizing their potential returns.
Posted On: 3/12/2014
While there are still a number of consumers who have not filed their tax returns for the year at this point, there nonetheless remain millions who have turned in these documents and are anxiously awaiting what they hope will be sizable refunds.
Posted On: 3/10/2014
Every year, millions of Americans scour their finances for anything they might be able to claim as a means of reducing their federal income tax liabilities. However, while they may have been able to claim a number of these benefits over the past several years, taxpayers also need to keep in mind tha...
Posted On: 3/4/2014
Many consumers across the country may think they know exactly what their filing status is before they fill out any of their necessary tax forms, but this isn't necessarily the case. Taking the time to review what their individual situations mean for their liabilities at the end of the year is going ...
Posted On: 2/21/2014
Across the country, millions of Americans may be in a position in which their income levels are low enough that they're not sure whether they will have to actually file tax returns for 2013.
Posted On: 2/20/2014
Americans are always on the lookout for things they can claim that will end up reducing their tax liabilities, but the ways in which they may try to do so might not always be the most beneficial, and might even lead to trouble down the road. 
Posted On: 2/18/2014
Every year, a large number of tax rules come up for renewal, and may be approved once again by federal lawmakers, or else allowed to lapse. As such, it's important for consumers to know which might be available for the final time this year, and whether they'll be able to claim them on their returns....
Posted On: 2/14/2014