Tax News

During tax season, even the slightest mistake a consumer makes in getting their documents together can end up having a massive negative impact on their filing status.
Posted On: 2/11/2014
Many consumers across the country may fret at the idea of having to deal with their annual tax filings, simply because they don't know all the ins and outs of how they can reduce their liabilities as far as the IRS is concerned.
Posted On: 2/7/2014
Many consumers may have difficulties in preparing their annual tax filings every year, and that's the case for people who have been doing this for decades. When it comes to people who might be relatively new to the process, mistakes may be even more common, and as such it might be wise to brush up o...
Posted On: 2/6/2014
Every year, millions of Americans are put into a position in which they are trying to navigate the often complicated world of filling out their tax forms, and their lack of familiarity with doing so can often lead to errors that could end up costing them money or causing a hassle later on.
Posted On: 2/4/2014
The later start to the tax filing this season - necessitated on the IRS's end by the government shutdown of a few months ago - may give consumers a little more time to get their affairs in order, but there might still be some confusion about exactly what kind of documents they will need to show thei...
Posted On: 1/20/2014
The tax filing season is usually hectic enough for consumers without having to worry about being ripped off by criminals, but the problem is that people who would commit identity theft know this fact all too well.
Posted On: 1/10/2014
Every year, many Americans are worried about what they're tax liability is going to be, but don't necessarily do all they can to make sure that it's as low as possible.
Posted On: 1/6/2014
The holiday season is one of the greatest times for gift giving, not only to friends and loved ones, but also to charities and other organizations. As the holidays also fall within most individuals' end-of-year tax planning, many people may also want to write off some of the amounts and assets they ...
Posted On: 12/17/2013
The end of the year is nearly here, and many people are still making all of the last-minute financial transactions they can to reduce their tax liability for the upcoming tax season.
Posted On: 12/16/2013
Newlyweds often spend a great deal of time going through the process of name changes, merging accounts, updating their insurance policies and otherwise joining their lives together.
Posted On: 12/12/2013