Tax Training & Tax Jobs Go Hand-In-Hand

Nothing is as certain as the ever-changing and confusing income tax code. But what if you could take advantage of that? Other than being elected a local hero, you’d probably develop a lot of close personal friends, say, around January to April every year! You could also be on your way to freedom from the complexities of income tax regulations and possibly, the pursuit of a new career! And Liberty Tax® wants to help you find your way.

Every autumn, Liberty Tax Service® offers the Liberty Tax® School with both traditional classroom and online classes to educate the public about the latest tax changes, and every facet of individual income tax preparation. Whether you attend a live event or a live-to-tape class, you’ll get the basics and beyond. In eight weeks, you will have the knowledge and confidence to prepare tax returns. And you’ll be prepared to be certified!

Since 2007, Liberty’s Tax School has had a tax preparer certification process in place that provides our students the best education available, and an education that will become increasingly important with recent changes in the tax industry. As recently as January 2010, the IRS announced it would be imposing stricter standards on tax preparers in the coming years with steps that will include registration, testing and continuing education standards. As for our students? No worries. Liberty’s tax students will already be graduates of the best tax school and the only educational program put in place before the IRS mandate. Now what? Put that education to work!

Many Liberty Tax Service® franchisees find their seasonal tax preparers, wavers and administrative support employees from their very own tax schools. Liberty job listings include positions in sales, management, banking, insurance and more. Job listings can be found at Careers @ LibertyCareerBuilder and many other online job sites.

So whether you’re a tax junkie, good with numbers or simply looking to understand more about the current tax laws--training and jobs may be as close as your neighborhood Liberty Tax Service®.