South Dakota Tax Locations 

Throughout South Dakota, residents are discovering that tax time doesn't have to be a hassle. With help from Liberty's professionals, tax filing in South Dakota becomes a fast, easy and even fun process. Our professionals are ready to help you navigate even the toughest of tax situations, including self-employment taxes, military family payments, and more. We will help you maximize your deduction or minimize your liability, ensuring the most favorable tax situation that you can have under IRS code.

Even if we didn't complete your return, we'll help answer questions about it. We regularly spot inaccuracies, missed deductions, and unclaimed credits on returns prepared elsewhere. If you bring your return in early enough, we can even file an amended return and help you get back some of the funds that you're entitled to receive! We're also happy to answer general questions about your return, even if you didn't get it prepared with us.

In addition to answering questions about returns, we offer courses designed to improve your overall understanding of taxes. Start with a general survey course, which will cover common deductions, filings, and forms. After that, move on to more complexity with our specific topical courses. The tax code is very detailed and has many different sections, but in order to understand the more detailed elements, you'll want to start with the basics. All of our South Dakota tax locations offer these courses, which are completely free. We also teach rapid classes which are condensed for students who are tight on time and online courses for those with difficult schedules.

We also offer a completely online program for tax filing in South Dakota. Although no computer program can match a person for customized service, Liberty's e-smart tax is a good alternative if you just can't make it to an office.

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