Tax Filing In Connecticut 

With a large commuter population and strong in-state industry, Connecticut residents have a lot of diverse tax needs. Liberty Tax is proud to serve the people in this state with more than 25 full-service tax office locations. Connecticut residents who work elsewhere in the Tri-State area can file in any state they like when they choose a Liberty office. Our nationwide presence allows us to handle returns for any state, regardless of whether or not the office is located in that particular state.   

 At Liberty, we believe that taxes can be fun and accurate. Our corporate culture is built around enjoying tax season, and you'll see that from the moment you step into one of our offices. Our staff will immediately make you comfortable and provide you with fast, efficient service. Our Liberty wavers will bring a smile to your face as you drive around town.

We're a tax preparation company first, but we also believe in the value of education. All of our tax office locations in Connecticut offer classes that teach everything from tax basics to more in-depth and topical courses. We recommend that tax novices start out with the basic course, but you'll soon be ready to move on to the more complex and detailed topics. The generally focused classes will cover common situations that apply to everyone, including basic filing. Our advanced classes discuss everything from taxes on dependents to self-employment and more. 

on't have time to come see us in person? You can use our online filing utility to get the job done just as fast. E-smart tax is completely online, guiding you through the details of completing and filing your return from start to finish. It's a complete solution for tax filing in Connecticut of throughout the country, and you never have to leave home to use it.  



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