Need to correct some information on your tax return? Below are helpful steps when filing an amended tax return:

  1. Must be mailed: E-filing is not an option for amending your return. Use Form 1040X, the Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, to submit corrections to your filed tax return. Use the Form 1040X Instructions and our 1040X Breakdown to make sure you complete your form properly and know where to mail it.
  2. Make corrections: Form 1040X is used when needing to change your filing status, make a correction to your income, deductions or credits on your original tax return.
  3. When not to amend: If you have math errors or are missing any supporting documents or schedules, you do not need to file an amendment. The IRS will automatically correct the math and send a request for additional documents.
  4. Form 1095-A: If your original Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, was incorrect you may have received a second form. Compare the original Form 1095-A with the second form and compare to determine the effect of the changes and if you should file an amended tax return.
  5. Three-year timeframe: Form 1040X will need to be filed within 3 years of your original filing date or within 2 years of paying your taxes, whichever is later. Refer to the Form 1040X Instructions for special rules.
  6. Multiple Years to Correct: If you need to amend multiple tax returns, each year’s tax return will need its own Form 1040X. Each amended return should be mailed out in separate envelopes.
  7. IRS Forms & Schedules: Make sure any IRS forms or schedules, that are used to make changes to your original return, are attached to your Form 1040X.
  8. Correcting a refund: Wait to receive your refund from your original tax return before filing an amended Form 1040X. It takes up to 16 weeks to process an amended return.
  9. Correcting taxes owed: If additional taxes are owed, submit your Form 1040X and pay the additional tax as soon as possible to avoid penalties and interest. You can use IRS Direct Pay, a bank-draft option, to pay your tax.
  10. Check the status of your corrected return: After you file your amended return you can start tracking your status three weeks after you have filed at “Where’s My Amended Return?


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