Americans may benefit from preparing for next year's tax season now.

Tax season does not have to be a stressful period for the millions of taxpayers that file each year. Tax preparation may run more efficiently if Americans begin preparing their information sooner rather than later, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Taxpayers will benefit during next year's filing season if they keep their tax information organized by creating separate folders for documents relating to retirement and college accounts, medical expenses and property tax bills, the newspaper reports. Keeping paperwork in separate folders in one location may reduce the stress of trying to compile it all last minute.

Americans should also keep track of their deductions to maximize their tax benefits and ensure that they claim everything they are eligible for on their return, reports the Tribune. Taxpayers should also pay close attention to their retirement accounts and make any necessary changes that will increase their benefits and provide a tax break, such as contributing more to their 401(k), the Tribune suggests.

By keeping track of all pertinent information throughout the year, taxpayers will reduce the burden of trying to meet the April 15th filing deadline.

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