Commonly-overlooked tax deductions can be costly. 

Did you know you can deduct the fees you paid to a tax preparer? Did you know breast pumps may qualify for a tax deduction? Did you know that the attorney fees you paid to get alimony during your divorce are tax deductible?

Every year thousands of taxpayers leave money on the table. With the economy still struggling, no one can afford to miss out on credits and deductions. Make sure to claim all of yours! Visit a tax preparer or stop in at a Liberty Tax® office, where tax advice is ALWAYS free.

After all, they say it’s not what you know, but who you know! Get to know a Liberty Tax® preparer and get all the money that’s rightfully yours.

To learn more about the above and other overlooked deductions, check out Liberty Tax®’s Overlooked Deductions web page.

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