Father’s Day is much different than Mother’s Day in the way that people find it hard to shop for gifts for their mother and shopping for their father is a piece of cake. The go-to gift that everyone likes to use is the “ever-popular” neck tie that is bought the Sunday morning of Father’s Day. Let me tell you this: most dads are tired of the neck ties. There are many other gift ideas that dads would enjoy rather than adding a tie to their rotation of shirt and tie combinations. fathers day

Why not, change it up and go with cuff links. They have always been in style and seem to be popular again. All ages are wearing them with a variety of styles.

You could opt to get away from the clothes and accessories altogether, and get him a new set of tools. As a guy, you can never have too many tools. In reality, most dads don’t want a gift or something tangible, but rather be appreciated for everything they do for their family.

And, hey, if you’ve slept in on the Sunday morning of Father’s Day, recognition is the ultimate (and easiest) gift to get dad. 

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