Once July 4th has passed, you begin to realize that the summer is half over and that the kids will be back to school before you know it!  If you're like a lot of other moms, you might be looking for some part-time work that will allow you to see the kids off to school and/or be home before they get off the bus.  Each Fall, all Liberty offices will offer a tuition-free tax class that will prepare you to work those flexible hours as a Tax Preparer once January arrives.  The class is offered in 10, 8 and 6 week formats and covers the basics of income tax preparation.  Classes usually meet two times each week during daytime hours or in the evening.  Given that we have over 3000 offices, you are sure to find one in your area with a class that you can work into your busy schedule.  As an added bonus this year, we have partnered with the University of Phoenix and are now able to offer college credits upon completion of the course.  Depending on which version of the course you take, you could earn up to 4 credits if you are enrolled in an Undergraduate Degree Program with the University of Phoenix!

As a Franchise Owner, I love it when stay-at-home moms join the class!  More often than not, they are temporarily "retired" from the workforce and eager to get back into a fun office environment.

Many of my "Mommy Preparers" will work one or two days each week along with the occasional evening or weekend shift. Why not let Dad or Grandma take the reigns for a few hours? If you are interested in generating some extra income and learning a new skill, contact your local Liberty office or call our Tax School Information Center at 1-800-658-1042.  If you have any questions about the class or life at Liberty Tax®, just post a reply.  I’d love to hear from you!