If you are among the millions of taxpayers who struggle with the task of keeping track of your tax-deductible expenses.... read on! Liberty Tax Service® is excited to announce a newly formed partnership with XpenseTrax. This alliance now offers an easy-to-use and exciting new way to help our clients who receive 1099s and file Schedule Cs as self-employed taxpayers. 

Liberty’s Expense Tracking is essentially an electronic, online “shoe box” to keep all of your expense data in one central location throughout the year. This specially designed program takes your daily expenses, mileage logs, receipts and statements, and in less than a minute inputs and categorizes them, from anywhere in the world! All you need is Internet access. 

But wait, it gets better. Expense Tracking also has a Smartphone Application that enables all Blackberry and Iphone users to take a picture of the receipt from their phone, send the picture to a Liberty Expense Tracking account and request Expense Tracking to store it, to be reported at another time. Expense Tracking offers access and chronological, categorized expense reports in seconds, and from anywhere. The reports generated by Expense Tracking are organized and accepted by the IRS and CRA. 

It is so simple to get started using the Expense Tracker ... there isn’t even a User’s Manual! You’ll have yourself organized in no time and it costs less than 70 cents a day!  You can even e-mail us the results to your LTS tax preparer—long before April 15, if you choose. It’s that simple! The days of digging out old receipts and skimming your bank statements line-by-line are gone. This new application will make tax time much less “taxing”! Visit your local Liberty Tax Service® office to see a three-minute demo, sign-up and start tracking your expenses and mileage today!