hydrogen-powered prototype automobileEnergy plays a big role in our daily lives. Because energy is essential for food production, transportation, manufacturing, light, heat, computing and more; we don’t have many choices in when and how much we use. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) declares the month of October as Energy Awareness Month. The goal is to focus the activities of public and private organizations, businesses, and associations to promote awareness and discussions about how to optimize the consumption of energy in our everyday lives.


During Energy Awareness Month, people participate by undertaking a variety energy efficiency and conservation programs. Some of these include replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescents or light-emitting diodes, turning off the lights when not in use, and reducing water heating bills.

Earning Tax Credit

Aside from saving energy, one should also consider making an energy-efficient improvement to earn tax credit. To be able to do this, check first whether the appliances that you are eyeing on qualify for a credit. Biomass stoves, materials that are used for insulation, some kinds of heating and cooling system, doors, windows, and roofing materials have special requirements to be able to qualify for a credit that’s why you need to check it first before purchasing. Some tax credits are available until 2016. Normally, you may be able to avail a tax credit of 30% of cost whenever you buy one of the things listed below. 1. Geothermal Heat Pumps Geothermal heat pumps are somewhat similar to the standard heat pumps, but these can make your home warm or cold. With this, it can actually be used both in summer and winter. Moreover, they can also provide hot water for your home. 2. Solar Panels Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. If sunlight can effectively reach your home, this alternative is perfect for you. It has been proven that using this alternative can reduce the consumption of electricity. However, if your home is not located in places where the sun shines the most, you can use wind turbines. Obviously, these are wind-powered equipment that can also significantly reduce energy consumption. It can be said that these things are some of the most effective ones because they make use of renewable sources of energy. 3. Fuel Cells Fuel cells are also recommended for they can generate electricity efficiently. Furthermore, these do not cause pollution of any kind that may contribute to other environmental problems. With this, government offices, schools, and businesses are creating some kind of collaboration to develop and produce fuel cells.

Final Words

Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility. The month of October is a perfect opportunity for people to take part in various programs and educate themselves about proper energy usage and know some tried and tested strategies to reduce energy consumption. It is also the best time to ponder about your personal use of energy. Through this, you will be able to analyze whether there are things that you can do to save energy in your home. However, keep in mind that energy conservation should not only be done for the month of October, but instead, it should be taken into consideration all year round. In the event that everyone will take part in these programs and activities, you might just be surprised by the significant impact that it can make on the global energy consumption, the great savings that you can make, the comfort, plus tax credits that comes with it.