With conference tournaments around the country having wrapped up and the tournament seeding announced, you're probably going to be pretty tempted to fill out a bracket. But if you do it with Liberty Tax Service®, you might be able to win one of a number of prizes, including $1 million, a trip, and other great items.

The Liberty Tax® Million Dollar Madness Bracket Challenge will give $1 million - paid out over 20 years - to anyone who fills out a perfect bracket. However, it's not easy to do that; some estimates say that the odds of doing so are about 1 in 4.3 billion, only a little better than the odds of being struck by lightning twice in the same year. With this in mind, Liberty has a great consolation prize lined up for anyone who gets 60 or more games correct: $25,000 in cash.

And even if you can't get to those lofty numbers, there are still prizes for the top 10 brackets submitted by fans. If you have the best bracket of the bunch, you'll win $5,000. Second and third place get $2,500 and $1,500, respectively. After that, the fourth- through 10th-place finishers will receive some great electronics, such as a 21.5-inch iMac desktop computer, a 60-inch HDTV, a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, an Xbox One, a Canon Rebel Camera, a Playstation 4, and a Wii U.

In addition, just for registering for the contest , you will be entered to win a trip for two to this year's championship game in Dallas.


What do you have to do?
In order to get involved, all you have to do is fill out a complete bracket between March 16, when tournament matchups are announced, and noon on March 20, just before the games begin. Just pick the winners of all 63 games. You should also keep in mind that there's a scoring system in place, which awards one point for each correct pick in the first round, two in the second, four in the third, eight in the fourth, 16 in the fifth, and 32 for the championship game. That means you can have a maximum of 192 points from the entire tournament, and even if you miss a few early, you still have a chance to come back.

Then, as the tournament goes on, you can regularly come back to Liberty's Million Dollar Madness Bracket Challenge to see how well you've picked, and where you are in the standings.