retirement-Depositphotos_9241880_xsRetirees are no longer expected to pack up and move to Florida or Arizona when they reach 65. While low taxes and attractive climates still make these two states popular for the senior community, there are several other places to consider when planning for this stage in your life. Before choosing whether to move or remain in your current city for retirement, consider your financial situation. If you still have several years to save, research gold and silver investing through a distributor like the US Money Reserve. Gold is unaffected by inflation while silver, though not as valuable as gold, is an under-appreciated investment option that can yield a nice nest egg. Once you understand your financial base and have evaluated personal factors like vicinity to family and health-related weather needs, consider the following seven cities as prime retirement destinations.

Large Metropolitan Areas

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Both the Milken Institute and Forbes list the western Pennsylvania city as a top place to retire. A low crime rate, relatively low cost of living and tax incentives for retirees make Pittsburgh an attractive option for older Americans—as long as you can handle the cold winters. Boston, Massachusetts - This is one of several metropolitan areas on the Milken list that may surprise you. The combination of access to quality health care and the ease of walking through Boston make it a viable option for retirees who want the bustle and excitement of a large city. Salt Lake City, Utah - Another location making both lists, the financially sound city by the lake offers low taxes, affordable homes and inexpensive living costs. The scenery is breathtaking and it's proximate to Orem and Provo, the large metro area ranked first on the Milken list for seniors. Healthy lifestyles dominate in this region, but the crime rate in Salt Lake City is a concern.

Small Metropolitan Areas

Columbia, Missouri - The only smaller city to make both lists, this Midwestern metro area offers an abundance of health care options geared specifically to seniors. Columbia is home to the University of Missouri, providing an active lifestyle and access to educational opportunities. Low poverty levels among seniors and a low cost of living may outweigh the cold winters you would experience here. Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Number one in the smaller metro rankings by the Milken Institute, Sioux Falls offers the best opportunity for retirees who want to remain employed in some capacity. Easy commutes make the option of part time work even more attractive. Asheville, North Carolina - While this southern town's unemployment rate is discouraging, retirees are likely to be unaffected by it. With a moderate cost of living and a wealth of doctors, Asheville is an attractive option for seniors. Its beautiful setting and attractions like the Biltmore House provide the backdrop for an active lifestyle. Both studies included several of the standby retirement options, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Gainesville, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida. But for access to doctors, reasonable cost of living and lifestyle preferences, these seven choices shine above the rest.