mothersdayYou read that right. If you really want to give mom something she’ll remember for the rest of her life, take all of her motherly duties (which are oh-so glamorous) out of her day. If you live at home, wash your clothes, clean the kitchen, make breakfast and lunch AND dinner. If you’re the dad, change diapers, change sheets, take the change out of your pockets before putting them in the hamper. Any of these small gestures will touch your mom’s heart and create a lasting memory. Because – honestly – how often do you do any of it?

It’s sweet that families try and go big for Mother’s Day. Some go for the newest gadget, or get mom the biggest bouquet of flowers, or take her to the fanciest restaurant. Sure, mothers like that, but what mommas really enjoy are the little things that can make their hectic lives a little less hectic.

Try starting off the day with breakfast in bed. Find out what their favorite breakfast is and plan to do that. This is such a fool-proof plan. Anytime you can cook for mom, she will truly appreciate it.

Rather than giving your mother something that’s likely to break or become outdated, do something for her - something as simple as scheduling a massage. Better yet, find out something she has always wanted to try and set it up for her. The memories last forever.

Bottom line here is to give mom the day off and do something that touches her heart like showing her you understand all the sacrifices she makes for you.     

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