Top reasons to file your taxes early

Many people wait until the last minute to file their income tax returns, whether from taking more time to find and organize their documents or simple procrastination. As long as individuals get their taxes in by the April 15 deadline, they will not incur any late filing penalties. However, waiting until this date can still complicate tax matters for individuals, and there are a number of benefits that come with filing sooner rather than later.

For instance, individuals who anticipate owing a tax liability may not be aware of how high their bill will be. Filing tax returns early on will let taxpayers know how much they owe in state and federal taxes, giving them more time to save money or reorganize their finances before their balance is due. For those who will receive refunds, filing early on may allow them to receive their funds sooner, which can be used to bump up savings, plan a vacation or pay down debt. Either way, early filing will put individuals in a position to better manage their finances and plan ahead. 

The earlier you begin, the less stressful filing will be
Early tax filers may also find that tax season - traditionally classified as a stressful time for individuals - is made simpler and more efficient the earlier they begin. This is the case for a number of reasons. First, early filers will likely already have their documentation in order for claiming credits and deductions, which can greatly cut down on the time it takes looking for this information. Additionally, those who have already gathered sufficient documentation may feel more confident about claiming benefits that are typically scrutinized by the Internal Revenue Service, such as the home office deduction and charitable contributions. 

Additionally, individuals who begin early on may have more time with their tax preparer than those who wait until the last minute. The closer to April 15 we get, the busier tax preparers often become. Therefore, individuals who want to have several meetings with a professional or extended sessions might benefit from setting up an initial meeting early. This will give them a great deal of time to ask questions, get advice on their particular situations and review their returns. Further, this will give taxpayers a grace period in the event that they need to correct an error or make any other alterations to their returns. 

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