This far into the filing season, workers should have all of their paperwork together as they prepare to make arrangements with their tax preparer.

However, in the event that one has not received their W-2 form, it's time to take action, especially with the filing deadline rapidly approaching. Employers were required by federal law to provide their workers with W-2 earnings statements by February 1.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, those who have yet to receive their W-2 should contact their employer immediately to determine if the form was mailed, and if so, when. One possible cause of a delay may be that the form was returned because of an inaccurate address.

Those who have still not received their W-2 may need to contact the IRS for assistance and will need to provide details like the employer's name and location, and the dates of employment, as well as an estimate of the wages that were earned.

Even if a person does not have their W-2 form available, they are still required to file a return, notes the IRS. If this is the case, one option is to use Form 4852, the substitute for the W-2, which will require an estimate of the year's earnings and potentially extra time for the IRS to verify the information.

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