earthdaymoneyWhile picking up trash or riding a bike to work may not be your ideal definition of fun, there is a greater meaning to it all. All over the world, people will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22. The day itself supports the idea of making our planet cleaner for the greater good.

 So what does Earth Day mean to you?

To me, Earth Day is not just about making a change for one day. It’s about getting involved, helping others, and promoting healthier lifestyles. It’s about changing mindsets and spreading the word about the environmental issues that we are facing.

In my Earth Day blog from last year, I gave tips on how you could become a more environmentally friendly consumer. Just think … making a minor positive change in your lifestyle can ultimately affect the entire world. How cool is that?

On your quest to becoming more eco-friendly, there are some tax breaks that you can take advantage of for next year. For starters, if you’re in need of a new car, consider buying an electric vehicle. Also, if you are looking into doing any home improvement projects this spring, try going the “green” route. For example, if you need to replace your roof, install solar panels at the same time. Deductions could apply to such purchases.

Stop into your local office to see what other actions you can take to claim energy tax credits on next year’s return. To find your local office, use our office locator or call 1-866-871-1040.

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