Let’s start with the basics, like what is a W-4?

A W-4 is a Federal forms that tells your employer how much federal tax to with-hold.  You can adjust your with-holding by changing your filing status and the number of dependents that you claim.  Unlike your tax return where you must use the correct status and number of dependents, the W-4 game is won when you match your federal with-holdings to your federal tax liability.  With-hold too much, and you are giving the federal government an interest free loan.  With-hold too little and you will owe and may even have interest and penalties. 

Making Work Pay and Making it Complex

But there is another complexity- the Making Work Pay credit.  In April 2009, your employer was told to automatically lower your with-holdings to reflect the new credit.  As of January 1 2010, your with-holdings went back to the regular rate, so your paycheck got a little smaller than it was in December 2009.

Making With-holding Easy

So you want to make an adjustment, but aren’t sure how to do it?  Well, I’ve got a simple solution.  Use the W-4 calculator.

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